Santorini Photo Session for couples (2-3 hours approx)

This tour has been created exclusively for couples that stay on the island or come from a cruise ship and they wish to have their photos professionally taken to the best spots of Santorini. During the photo shooting you get to discover the best places Santorini has to offer!

Things you need to know if you come with a cruise ship:

1. The cruise ships are too big for our ports, therefore your cruise ship docks in the open and tender boats will bring you to the shore.

2. The volcano of Santorini is in the middle of the ocean, close to where your ship will dock so if you wish to visit it, you will need a separate boat tour but this will take valuable time that will not allow you to explore the main island.

3. You need to inform your ship’s reception a couple of days in advance that you will explore the island independently so they will give you priority to get off the ship.

4. Once the tender boats will reach the Old Port, in order to access the main island you have to get a cable car ride and this may take a while. Because there are stairs during this process, it is not recommended for individuals with mobility issues. The tickets for the cable car cost around 4 euro and runs every 20-30 minutes.

From 350 euro – Book Now